Office of Science Quality and Integrity

(OSQI) Contacts

Updated November 2019

(Main (OSQI) Number = 703-648-6774)

Craig Robinson, Director, OSQI, 703-648-6774

Christopher Johnson, Deputy Director, OSQI and Bureau Scientific Integrity Officer, 703-648-6643

Elizabeth Wasserman, OSQI Operations Officer, 703-648-6634

Marina Skobeleva, Executive Assistant, 703-648-6680


Bureau Approving Officials (BAOs)


Fundamental Science Practices (FSP)

Carolyn Reid, Policy Analyst - Fundamental Science Practices and Information Quality/Peer Review Agenda, 703-648-5911


Office of Tribal Relations (OTR)


Presidential Management Council (PMC) Rotators/ Other Special Assignments


Quality Management System (QMS)


Evaluation (RGE/EDGE), Review and Recognition


Scientific Integrity

  • Byron Shumate, Departmental Scientific Integrity Coordinator, 703-648-6610
  • Patricia Hathaway, Departmental Scientific Integrity Coordinator, 703-648-6774 
  • Richard Coleman, Departmental Scientific Integrity Coordinator (part-time), 303-236-1320


Scientists for Cross-Functional Programs (Scientist Emeritus, NOVA Partnership and Other Cross-Functional)

  • Rebecca Bushon,  Staff Scientist, 614-430-7783
  • Laurel Bybell, Scientist Emeritus Coordinator (Emeritus; part-time), 703-648-5281
  • Wilma Aleman Gonzalez, Staff Scientist/NOVA Partnership (part-time), 703-648-6932
  • Kevin Jones, Staff Scientist, 703-648-6448


Youth and Education in Science (YES) Program


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