Survey Manual

338.6 - Cash Advances for Change Making

This chapter covers procedures for obtaining, maintaining, adjusting, and closing cash accounts made for change-making purposes.


OPR: Admin/Financial Maangement

1. Purpose. This chapter covers procedures for obtaining, maintaining, adjusting, and closing cash accounts made for change-making purposes. Cash advances are made by the USGS Cashier in the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to collection officers designated in accordance with the provisions of SM 335.1.

2. Authority. Treasury Financial Manual and 337 DM 1.

3. General. Cash advances are made to designated collection officers to provide funds for making change in connection with the sale of maps, publications, and other products. Withholding of collections or portions thereof from deposits, using advances from appropriated funds, or using private funds for change-making purposes is not authorized. Similarly, these advances are not to be used for making refunds (see SM 338.5) or for money order fees associated with the mailing of deposits (use Standard Form 1164, Claim for Reimbursements for Expenditures on Official Business SM 403.11).

4. Method of Obtaining an Advance. The head of each office authorized to collect and deposit funds submits a written request specifying the name of the designated collection officer to whom the advance is to be made, the amount required, and the office location to the Chief, OFM. The USGS Cashier forwards a Treasury check to the collection officer together with a Certification of Receipt of Funds. The collection officer signs and returns the Certification to the USGS Cashier.

5. Accounting for the Advance. At the close of each quarter each collection officer prepares and submits Form 9-3022, Quarterly Cash Verification of Change-Making Funds, to the USGS Cashier. The collection officer signs the form and has it certified by two USGS employees who actually count the cash and verify the receipts and are personally satisfied that the funds are as stated (see Figure 1). Form 9-3022 is also used:

A. To Closeout an Account, or to increase or reduce the amount advanced. Form 9-3022 must be completed and routed to the Cashier, OFM, accompanied by a personal check or money order made payable to the U.S. Geological Survey.

B. To Transfer the Advance of funds to another collection officer or alternate who is replacing the primary collection officer during leaves of absence. The replacement or alternate collection officer acknowledges receipt of the transferred funds on the bottom of Form 9-3022 (see Figure 2).

6. Replacement of Collection Officers. Prior to the effective date of change of the reassignment, transfer, or separation of any designated collection officer who has a cash advance for change-making, the cognizant division or office shall notify the OFM and designate a replacement in accordance with the provisions of SM 335.1 and SM 338.6.4.