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Survey Manual

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Table of Contents

Organization Series (Part 100-120) 
    Organization Changes 
    Geological Survey

Delegation Series (Part 200-220) 
    Delegation Policy 
    General Redelegations 
    Special Redelegations

Administrative Series (Part 300-499) 
    Acting Officials 
    Committee Management 
    Reproduction Services 
    Attendance at Meetings 
    Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act 
    Financial Management 
    Procurement and Contracting 
    Personal Property Management 
    Space and Real Property Management 
    Records Management 

Program Series (Part 500-End) 
    USGS Program Policies (Part 500) 
    Geographic Information Office Program Policies (Part 600) 
    Enterprise Information Policies, FITARA Authorities for Information Management Technology (Part 700) 
    Geography Program Policies (Part 800) 
    Water Resources Program Policies (Part 900) 
    Emergency Planning and Operations (Part 1000) 
    Publishing (Part 1100)


*Environmental Compliance

*Environmental Management Systems

*National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, Managing the NEPA Process - U.S. Geological Survey



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