Message from the Director - South Atlantic Water Science Center

A Welcome from Eric W. Strom, USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center Director

Eric Strom - South Atlantic Water Science Center Director


Welcome to the USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center's Website, where we communicate water-science information for Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Here you will find information on real-time and historic streamflow, water quality, water-use, and groundwater data. You also will find information on our hydrologic investigations and various research projects. These data and information are the product of joint endeavors between the USGS and many cooperating partners.

Everyone here is dedicated to supporting our mission: National leadership in providing exceptional hydrologic science to support management decisions that affect our water resources for future generations. The South Atlantic Water Science Center staff comprises scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to providing accurate and timely natural-resource information to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and the Nation. The collection, analysis, and interpretation of water data is done in cooperation with other Federal, State, and local agencies, universities, and research centers.

We accomplish our mission by conducting studies that focus on a variety of broad-scale issues. Our work is organized into specific themes, with the following broad objectives:

  • collect, store, compile, and disseminate streamflow (stage and discharge), groundwater level, lake stage and related data;
  • understand changes in the water quality of rivers, lakes, nearshore areas, and reservoirs;
  • provide a better understanding of the links between human activities and environmental conditions, and the corresponding implications a degraded or impaired environment present for human and wildlife health;
  • provide state‐of‐the‐art expertise and techniques to study and holistically characterize the hydrologic cycle and its effects on societally relevant endpoints; and
  • provide high‐quality physical, chemical, biological, and geospatial information related to water resources at watershed, state, and regional scales.

Should the information you seek not be available through this website, please contact us at our main phone numbers below and we will connect you to a Center specialist who can best answer your question.

  • Georgia:  (678) 924-6700
  • North Carolina:  (919) 571-4000
  • South Carolina:  (803) 750-6100

If you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities with our agency, or have suggestions on how we might better serve your water resource needs, please email me and let me know.

Eric W. Strom
USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center