Arches National Park - Courthouse Wash

Courthouse Wash is a stream and sandy wash that runs through the lower section of Arches National Park before feeding into the Colorado River. It originates outside the park and acts as a riparian cooridor, providing an important water source to plants and animals within the park. The road past the Arches visitor center crosses this wash shortly past the Courthouse Towers viewpoint. Go to Photo Collection

Other photo locations in Courthouse Wash

Photo Collection

National Archives
Description Courthouse Wash is almost completely barren of vegetation. A few tamarisk grow on the banks, while the main drainage was recently scoured clear by flooding. Dunes top the high cliff-banks at the center of the view.
Date 1940
Photographer Unknown
Photo Source National Archives

Description The wash is full of young willow in the foreground with many young to full-size cottonwoods along the wash edges. Ripples on the soil surface show that water flowed recently here, but was gentle enough to leave the plants intact. The dunes along the center of the view are being colonized by young shrubs. No tamarisk are visible, due to removal efforts by the National Park Service.
Date 2006
Photographer Schelz, Charles
Photo Source

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