Arches National Park - Parade of Elephants

The Parade of Elephants is a whimsically named collection of small arches and rock pillars that resemble elephants in shape. This feature is located near the Windows Section of Arches National Park. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Denver Public Library
Description The slickrock near Parade of Elephans supports robust juniper and some pinyon trees in the fractures. Low-growing shinnery oak, Indian ricegrass, ephedra, Apache plume, and blackbrush reside on the shallow soil patches.
Date 1925
Photographer Beam, George
Photo Source Denver Public Library

Description Nearly every individual plant and even dead branches visibile in 1925 remain in this 2006 photo of Parade of Elephants. Some juniper have grown a little taller, but eighty years has done little to alter this slickrock community of pinyon, juniper, shinnery oak, blackbrush, ephedra, Indian ricegrass, and Apache plume.
Date 2006
Photographer Schelz, Charles
Photo Source NPS

Description Pinyon and juniper dominate the base of Parade of Elephants. Ephedra, blackbrush, shinnery oak, and ricegrass occupy the soil patches on the slickrock. Since 2006, most of the juniper and pinyon show evidence of some drought-induced dieback, with dead bare branches or patchy orange needles. One pinyon stands dead in the background. The shrubs continue to thrive.
Date 2013-05-08
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

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