Arches National Park - Courthouse Wash

Courthouse Wash is a stream and sandy wash that runs through the lower section of Arches National Park before feeding into the Colorado River. It originates outside the park and acts as a riparian cooridor, providing an important water source to plants and animals within the park. The road past the Arches visitor center crosses this wash shortly past the Courthouse Towers viewpoint. Go to Photo Collection

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Description Courthouse Wash is a recovering riparian habitat with abundant native cottonwood, willow, greasewood, and rabbitbrush. Native Baltic rush dominates the streambeds; its sturdy root system holds soil and prevents erosion. Young cottonwood and a few tamarisk on the far bank hint that this area is recovering from past grazing and flooding.
Date 1988-Jun
Photographer Thomas, Larry
Photo Source NPS

Description Courthouse Wash continues to fill in with native riparian vegetation since 1988, while non-native tamarisk has been eliminated through National Park Service efforts. Cottonwood trees have reached maturity, and tall narrowleaf willows have filled in open sandy areas and dominate the foreground. Baltic rush in the streambed has disappeared since 1988.
Date 2011-10-12
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source NPS

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