Arches National Park - Lower Salt Wash - Turnbow Cabin

Turnbow Cabin, also known as the Wolfe Ranch, is a one-room log cabin in lower Salt Wash, along the modern trail to Delicate Arch. It was built in 1906 by John Wesley Wolfe, who moved to the area with his family in 1898, and replaced a smaller and even more basic windowless cabin he had built upon settling. The cabin and ranch property changed owenership several times after Wolfe sold it in 1910 before becoming part of the Park, andin 1975 was included on the National Register of Historic Places. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Description This photo from 1906 shows two children standing in a wash within 100 yards of Turnbow Cabin near Delicate Arch. Water runs at their feet. The combination of ranching, wood gathering, and farming has almost completely stripped this scene of vegetation.
Date 1906
Photographer Stanley
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

Description Tamarisk and greasewood dominate this drainage that runs off the corral area near Turnbow Cabin, while young cottonwoods are barely visible in the background. Grasses are scattered throughout. All of the soils and vegetation have arrived in the last 100 years. Tamarisk was introduced in the 1940s. Grazing ceased when Arches became a park in 1971, which is when the greasewood, grasses, and soils likely began to return.
Date 2006
Photographer Schelz, Charles
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

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