Near Canyonlands National Park - Mineral Bottom

Mineral Bottom lies outside park boundaries along the Green River. The 4-wheel-drive road down to the water provides access to the north entrance to the White Rim Road, and also serves as a boat launch. Visitors traveling into Canyonalnds National Park from this point will still require appropriate permitting once they pass onto park land. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Description The green river curves through the canyon at the Mineral Bottom location. Stands of tamarisk line the far bank, with a transition to shrubs growing in the floodplain of the near bank before thinning out as they hit the dryer rocky slope in the forground. A trail cuts through the floodplain in the lower half of the photo. There are sturdier trees such as cottonwood lining the curve of the left side of the river, and several more scattered into the other vegetation.
Date 1957
Photographer Frost, Kent
Photo Source private

Description The vegetation growing on the far bank of the river has encroached further down the shoreline in the intervening years. What was once formerally mostly tamarisk now appears to hold a mix of species. The cottonwood trees from the last photo have grown and multiplied and can be seen on both the near and far riverbanks. The shrubs covering the floodplain slope have mostly persisted and multiplied, and at this time of year more green ground cover can be seen between them.
Date 2012-05-24
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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