Arches National Park - Klondike Bluffs - Tower Arch

The Klondike Bluffs section of Arches National Park is only accessable via the 4-wheel-drive Salt Valley road. This area contains several impressive arches, fins, and monoliths; and the remote setting compared to the rest of the park allows visitors a chance to experience these hikes and arches in solitude. Go to Photo Collection

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Photo Collection

Description A few juniper are scattered at the base of Tower Arch. A few singleleaf ash and shinnery oak are interspersed low among the juniper. In the foreground, a small sand ramp supports yucca and very low-growing shinnery oak.
Date 1934
Photographer Anderson, J. E.
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

Description Juniper and pinyon present in 1934 are all present seventy years later, but show some dieback due to dought. A trail has cut through the thin soil toward the arch, and is lined with dead pinyon and juniper debris. Yucca has grown larger and spread across the foreground on the sand ramp.
Date 2006
Photographer Schelz, Charles
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

Description Juniper and pinyon present in 1934 and sickly in 2006 are almost completely dead in this photo. Prolonged drought in the early 20th century caused extensive dieback for both species across the Southwest. Nearly every plant is smaller and thinner than in 2006, including the small yucca in the foreground.
Date 2013-05-12
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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