Hovenweep National Monument - Cutthroat

Cutthroat Castle in Hovenweep National Monument is unlike structures in most other areas of the momumnet in that it is located farther downstream from the head of the canyon it sits in. Built by ancestral Puebloans, this site features a greater number of kivas (ceremonial structures) than the other archeological site groups in the monument. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Description A thick forest of pinyon surrounds Cutthroat Castle, with juniper on the high ridge in the background. A tall cottonwood looms behind the tower, indicating subtantial year-round water in this drainage.
Date 1975
Photographer Koch, D.
Photo Source

Description Cottonwood above Cutthroat Castle and willow tracing the drainage turn yellow in October. Dead pinyon are found throughout the scene, likely a result of the preceeding regional drought. Sagebrush is found in the bare areas, and could take over the area if the drought persists.
Date 2012-10-16
Photographer Tharnstrom
Photo Source

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