Hovenweep National Monument - H Holly

The Holly Group of ruins in Hovenweep National Monument include Holly House, Tilted Tower, and Holly Tower. They were built by ancestral Puebloans before being abandoned sometime in 1300 CE. Go to Photo Collection

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Description The Holly Group is perched on large sandstone boulders among sagebrush, shadscale, pale wolfberry and some bunchgrasses. Large mountain mohogany shrubs sit adjacent to each tower, and juniper dominates the far ridge.
Date 1975
Photographer Koch, D.
Photo Source

Description Most of the vegetation around the Holly Group is dead or dying in this scene. Dead shadescale dominates the far slope, while mountain mahogany, sagebrush, four-wing saltbrush, and native bunchgrasses are living but show extensive dieback. Pinyon and juniper on the far ridge also show many dead branches and dead entire trees.
Date 2012-10-16
Photographer Tharnstrom
Photo Source

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