Hovenweep National Monument - Cajon Unit - East Fence Line

The Cajon group of ruins in Hovenweep National Monument is the remnant of a small ancient village constructed by ancestral Puebloans. As many as 80 to 100 people may have lived here when the structures were in use before 1300 CE. Go to Photo Collection

Other photo locations in Cajon Unit - East Fence Line

Photo Collection

Description This scene shows some primary industries of the Colorado Plateau: gazing and oil drilling. Native vegetation is largely absent from the scene, and cheatgrass, tumbleweed, and mustard weeds dominate. The right side of the fence, outside of the monument, is more intensely grazed than the left side.
Date 1946-10-12
Photographer Balch, Paul L.
Photo Source

Description This scene shows the legacies of heavy grazing. The left side of the fence, within the monument, shows recruitment of young juniper and some native bunchgrasses. The right side of the fence shows heavy soil disturbance and fewer native plants. Twenty years of protection from grazing within the monument has not restored the land to is pre-grazing condition of verdant grasslands present in the 19th century.
Date 2012-10-15
Photographer Tharnstrom
Photo Source

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