Canyonlands National Park - Squaw Flat - Needles District

The Squaw Flat region of the Needles District features many grassland areas, which were actively grazed by local cattle ranchers up until 1974, ten years after Canyonlands was established as a National Park. It now also houses the Needles District's prmary campground. Go to Photo Collection

Other photo locations in Squaw Flat - Needles District

Photo Collection

Description This scene shows healthy biocrust and grama grass in the foreground on the thin soils atop this sandstone bench. The Squaw Flat grassland in the background is ringed by juniper and pinyon in sandstone fractures.
Date 1965
Photographer Hyde, Phillip
Photo Source

Description Biocrust fills the shallow foreground soils. Native grasses and snakeweed are flushing green in the springtime. Four-wing saltbush are dying back, but the pinyon and juniper have grown substantially larger in 50 years.
Date 2014-05-27
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source USGS

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