Canyonlands National Park - Chesler Trail - Needles District

Chesler Trail leads from the Elephant Hill parking lot to Chesler Park within the Needles Distrcit of Canyonlands National Park. The trail alternates between bare slickrock patches and trails worn into the sandy red soil, leading visitors from grassy areas to shrubland to pinyon-juniper forested areas as they make their way further into the park. Go to Photo Collection

Other photo locations in Chesler Trail - Needles District

Photo Collection

Description The patch of soil atop this rock outcrop on Chesler Trail shows a well-developed island of soil crust, with several bunches of purple three-awn, two blackbrush shrubs, and a few young asters growing within it. (Look up common name for the aster here). Footprints along the edge of the island show where recent distrubance has inhibited crust and plant growth. Similar patches of crust and shrubs extend over the rock at the bases of the juniper and pinyon trees.
Date 2004
Photographer Schelz, Charles
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

Description The same individual plants growing on top of the crust island have mostly persisted, and show growth over the 10 years since the previous photo. There are more recent footprints along the edges shrinking the crusted area of the island slightly, and some of the patches to the left of the center island show crust deterioration from disturbance as well. The top of a cairn marking a pathway can be seen behind the center blackbrush. Most of the pinyon and juniper trees in the background are still alive and largely unchanged.
Date 2014-05-30
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source USGS

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