Arches National Park - Courthouse Towers

Past the Arches National Park entrance station and visitor center, the Park Avenue and Courthouse Towers area contains many impressive sandstone towers and monoliths. Prominent features visible in this photo include (left to right) Three Gosips, Sheep Rock, and The Organ. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

USGS Photographic Library
Description The tall thin walls of Courthouse Towers and other sandstone features stand out against the horizon of this photo. The base of the towers give way to pinyon-juniper and shrubland. A road cuts from the right side of the frame towards the middle before winding into the disance between the rock formations.
Date 1970
Photographer Lohman, S. W.
Photo Source USGS Photographic Library

Description The rocks remain identical and many of the individual shrubs from the 1970 photo have survived and grown. At this time of year a mix of blackbrush, rabbitbrush, and snakeweed as well as other plants can be seen growing on the flat sandy soil between the foreground and the towers. A figure in a dark greeen jacket stands near the road in the midground of the photo, nearly blending in with the juniper trees. The sandy soil on the right side of the road near the frame remains fairly well vegtated, with only a small increase in bare ground next to the pavement.
Date 2013-05-09
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source USGS

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