Arches National Park - Park Avenue

Park Avenue in Arches National Park is a short canyon just two and a half miles past the park's visitor center. It is a popular 1-mile hike that showcases some of the park's recognizable monoliths between the Park Avenue Viewpoint and Courthouse Towers Viewpoint. Go to Photo Collection

Other photo locations in Park Avenue

Photo Collection

Description This view just off the road into Park Avenue in 1959 shows sparse subshrubs and some soil trampling in the foreground. Pinyon, juniper, and singleleaf ash occupy the lower drainages in the background. A fenceline is barely visible along the drainage from the lower right corner toward the center of the view.
Date 1959
Photographer Arnberger, L. P.
Photo Source NPS

Description The foreground of this view on the Park Avenue roadside shows significant impact from trampling. Little vegetation exists and soils are barren of biological soil crust. A few velvety buckwheat bloom in this disturbed area. An old fenceline traces the far righthand side of the barren area in the foreground. The small drainage in the lower right corner has downcut significantly since 1959, further demonstrating the impact of trampling on soil integrity in this area. Pinyon, juniper, and singleleaf ash in the valley bottom of Park Avenue has changed little; sagebrush, blackbrush, and ephedra on the slopes have increased in number slightly since 1959.
Date 2011-10-12
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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