Arches National Park - Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock is a precariously top-heavy tower next to the main road of Arches National Park, ten miles past the visitor center. Although this feature is in fact a single column of Entrada sandstone its appearance resembles a large boulder balanced on top of a thin neck. There was formerly a second, much smaller column similarly shaped that stood next to Blananced Rock and was named Chip-Off-The-Old-Block, which collapsed in the winter of 1975-1976. Go to Photo Collection

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Photo Collection

Description The foreground is choked with tumbleweed, which is fairly unusual in Arches and suggests significant disturbance in this area. Low blackbrush fills scene, and juniper dot the slopes below Balanced Rock.
Date 1976
Photographer Frost, Kent
Photo Source private

Description Blackbrush in the foreground are green and blooming, but dead twigs reveal stress related to recent drought. The soils are disturbed by trampling and show signs of wind erosion. Some native perennial grasses live in small patches, while juniper survive on shallow soils and fractured bedrock on the far slopes.
Date 2013-05-14
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source USGS

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