Arches National Park - Top of Park Avenue

Park Avenue in Arches National Park is a short canyon just two and a half miles past the park's visitor center. It is a popular 1-mile hike that showcases some of the park's recognizable monoliths between the Park Avenue Viewpoint and Courthouse Towers Viewpoint. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Description Park Avenue was a filming location for the John Ford western Cheyenne Autumn. In addition to two actors and some equipment, we see many green leafy shrubs in the foreground and widespread trampling on the soil, presumably due to filming. The straight-stemmed shrubs are mostly singleleaf ash, while the rounder shrubs are simple leaf skunkbush. Two ephedra,or mormon tea, are just upslope from the actor.
Date 1963
Photographer Wilson, Bates
Photo Source WACC

Description This afternoon shot of Park Avenue shows maturing yet struggling singleleaf ash. The soil shows some young biological crust, while gullies are forming beneath the sandstone benches. All mormon tea visibile in 1963 are gone, while one has moved in below the large boulder at the lower righthand corner of the photo. Two buckwheat have also grown around this boulder, and a few snakeweed are seen across the slopes in the foreground. Nearly all singleleaf ash and skunkbush shrubs have persisted since 1963.
Date 2011-10-12
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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