Arches National Park - Eagle Park

Eagle Park is the northernmost section of Arches National Park, and is only accessable by the 4-wheel-drive Salt Valley Road. It contains open fields as well as rock walls, monoliths, and many more arches such as Blad Eagle Arch and Eagle Arch. There are no desginated trails in this remote section of the park, far removed from the crowds in the more well-known areas. Go to Photo Collection

Other photo locations in Eagle Park

Photo Collection

Description This striking scene from Eagle Park shows how large shrubs thrive near the bases of rock formations, as runoff from the stone formation supplements rainfall. Juniper, skunkbush, and pinyon frame the hoodoo.
Date 1969
Photographer Parkinson
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

Description The juniper, skunkbush, and pinyon trees visible in 1969 remain in this scene 44 years later. The juniper and pinyon have grown larger, but the skunkbush at the center right shows sign of self-pruning related to drought survival.
Date 2013-08-26
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source USGS

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