Arches National Park - Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is a collection of sandstone monoliths and rock walls found shortly after the turn onto the road into the Windows Section of Arches National Park. Go to Photo Collection

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Photo Collection

University of Utah
Description This late afternoon view of the Garden of Eden shows the Windows Trail ascending from the paved roadway toward the East. Blackbrush and a few ephedra are small, and this vegetation shows signs of grazing taking place in the park.
Date 1970
Photographer Unknown
Photo Source University of Utah

Description This springtime scene in the Garden of Eden hows some plants moving into the old Windows Trail roadway, now used solely for hiking. Blackbrush and other foreground shrubs are large and shaggy, showing signs of recovery from past grazing. Juniper and other shrubs on the rocky toeslopes of the stone spires have died back since 1970, likely due to drought.
Date 2013-05-11
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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