Natural Bridges National Monument - Owachomo Bridge

The Owachomo Bridge at National Bridges National Monumnet is one of three bridges that give the park its name. While it is the thinnest and smallest of the trio, it is also thought to be the oldest. The name means rock mound in Hopi. Go to Photo Collection

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Photo Collection

Description A lone rider crosses Owachomo Bridge, made of Cedar Mesa sandstone in Armstrong Canyon. Pinyon and juniper cluster in the deep cracks and shadier spots below the bridge.
Date 1925
Photographer Lee, W. T.
Photo Source

Description Scoured bedrock shows signs of occasional flooding in the streambed below Owachomo Bridge.
Date 1961
Photographer Wilson, Bates
Photo Source

Description Small junipers along the streambed below Owachomo Bridge give a hint to the date of the last big floods. Juniper throughout the scene show extensive branch death, a symptom of the drought in the early 2000s.
Date 2005
Photographer Tharnstrom
Photo Source

Description Juniper and some pinyon trees show severe dieback around the base of Owachomo Bridge. A prolonged drought has stresssed these plants living in sandstone cracks.
Date 2013-08-19
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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