Arches National Park - The Great Wall

The Great Wall in Arches National Park is a section of impressive sandstone cliffs that tower over the scenic drive between the visitor center and Balanced Rock. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Dabney Collection
Description The Great Wall in Arches National Park features a juniper and sagebrush shrubland. Blackbrush occupies the slopes immediately at the base of the wall. A low stand of shinnery oak in the foreground indicates sandy soil, and dark soil crust occupies the low, flat areas.
Date 1970
Photographer Dabney, W.
Photo Source Dabney Collection

Description The slopes at the foot of the Great Wall in Arches National Park are dotted with blackbrush; many individuals have survived at least the past 40 years. Juniper show severe branch dieback, likely due to the early 2000s drought. In the foreground, shinnery oak, antelope bitterbrush, and ephendra that were small in the 1970s have matured to full size. Dark soil crusts in the low, flat areas have persisted for at least 40 years.
Date 2011-10-13
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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