Canyonlands National Park - Salt Creek downstream of Peekaboo

Salt Creek Canyon in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park is a 22.5 mile long stretch of canyon between the Peekaboo Campground inside the park and Cathedral Butte just outside the southern boundary of Canyonlands. This canyon is one of the few places in the Needles District where water can be found almost all year round, making it popular with hikers and backpackers as well as an important resource for the park's plants and wildlife. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Description This view upstream on Salt Creek in the Needles District shows the floodplain in the vicinity of the Peekaboo campsite. In 2004, the channel was narrow and barely visible in the center of the view, and it is flanked by a wide floodplain supporting a variety of riparian vegetation, ranging from tamarisk to cottonwood trees. The road leading to the campsite is apparent at left center. A prominent trail leading from the Peekaboo camp to Squaw Creek appears in the center right.
Date 2004
Photographer Schelz, Charles
Photo Source NPS - SEUG

Description A series of floods, particularly a large one in August 2005, captured the former road bed and created a wide meander bend, which is clearly visible at left center. Part of that road has been reactivated and is visible above the barren channel at left center. Many cottonwood trees have persisted the 11 years between the two views, which is not surprising, but many new seedling cottonwoods line the sides of the channel and its new low floodplain. In addition, a new stand of coyote willow has become established approximately where the old road was present on the left side of the view
Date 2015-04-01
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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