Canyonlands National Park - Angel Arch

Angel Arch Canyon and the trail to Angel Arch itself extends for a mile and a half off the the Salt Creek trail, more than 10 miles from Peekaboo Campground. While it was once possible to drive to Angel Arch Canyon, the condition of the creekbed and restrictions on trail use mean that this spectacular destination can now only be reached by intrepid hikers and backpackers. Go to Photo Collection

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Description Angel Arch is one of the geological treasures of the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. Before closure of the road in Salt Creek between Peekaboo Arch and Angel Arch Canyon in 19__, horses and vehicles accessed this remote point. Now, access is restricted to hikers and the occasional horseback rider.
Date 1958
Photographer Arnberger, L. P.
Photo Source

Description The original photograph was taken from a ledge above the tenuous trail that leads to the base of Angel Arch. While the arch and bedrock haven?t changed perceptively, pinyon and juniper trees have grown and other shrubs have become established or died in the ledges throughout the lower half of the view.
Date 2015-04-04
Photographer Lemke, W.
Photo Source USGS

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