Canyonlands National Park - Salt Creek at Angel Arch Canyon

Salt Creek Canyon in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park is a 22.5 mile long stretch of canyon between the Peekaboo Campground inside the park and Cathedral Butte just outside the southern boundary of Canyonlands. This canyon is one of the few places in the Needles District where water can be found almost all year round, making it popular with hikers and backpackers as well as an important resource for the park's plants and wildlife. Angel Arch Canyon extends for 1.5 miles off of Salt Creek Canyon 8.5 miles south of Peekaboo Campground. Go to Photo Collection

Photo Collection

Description By the early 1970s, the channel of Salt Creek has begun to narrow with low floodplain development and the encroachment of riparian vegetation. This narrowing occurred in many canyons on the Colorado Plateau and is not unusual or related to the road that once traversed this point. Vehicle tracks in the muddy channel are only slightly visible. The tallest tree on the left side is a cottonwood, with a non-native tamarisk in flower apparent above a bedrock ledge. Other tamarisk appear on the right side of this downstream view.
Date 1973
Photographer Johnson, D.
Photo Source

Description Although Salt Creek remains perennial in this reach, flow is restricted to a narrow notch in the floodplain on the right side of this view and is obscured by the dense herbaceous vegetation on the floodplain, particularly juncus and perennial grasses. The tamarisk individuals present in 1973 remain, and many new leafless individuals are apparent in this early spring view along with new coyote willow. No evidence remains of the former road that was closed in 198_.
Date 2015-04-03
Photographer Webb, R. H.
Photo Source USGS

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