Red Mountain near Silverton, Colorado

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Red Mountain, Colorado

Detailed Description

Intensely altered propylitic rocks (red and yellow) in the Red Mountain mining district, overprinting the regional, propylitically altered igneous rocks (grayish-green), peaks at top of image. View to west.


Image Dimensions: 1162 x 873

Date Taken:

Location Taken: Silverton, CO, US


Figure 7 from Yager, D.B., Johnson, R.H., Rockwell, B.W., Caine, J.S., and Smith, K.S., 2013, A GIS and statistical approach to identify variables that control water quality in hydrothermally altered and mineralized watersheds, Silverton, Colorado, USA: Environmental Earth Sciences, 70(3), p. 1057-1082, doi:10.1007/s12665-013-2229-y.