Table 1 - Cropland Areas

Table 1 - Cropland Areas

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Table 1: Cropland Areas (Thenkabail et al., 2013; Monfreda et al., 2008)


Monfreda, C., N. Ramankutty, and J. A. Foley, 2008. Farming the planet: 2. Geographic distribution of crop areas, yields, physiological types, and net primary production in the year 2000, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 22(1): GB1022.

Thenkabail, P. S.; Mariotto, I.; Gumma, M. K.; Middleton, E. M.; Landis, D. R.; Huemmrich, K. F. Selection of hyperspectral narrowbands (HNBs) and composition of hyperspectral twoband vegetation indices (HVIs) for biophysical characterization and discrimination of crop types using field reflectance and Hyperion/EO-1 data; 2013; Article; Journal; IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing; 


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