USGS Slideshow Presentation

USGS Slideshow PresentationUSGS Slideshow Presentation

Detailed Description

Select the thumbnail image above to open a downloadable and printable slideshow presentation in .pdf format [1.2 MB] titled, 'A Pressure-Limited Model to Estimate CO2 Injection and Storage Capacity of Saline Formations: Investigating the Effects of Formation Properties, Model Variables and Presence of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs'. This presentation is material from the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeting in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 2018.

This material is supported by the "Utilization of Carbon and Other Energy Gases — Geologic Research and Assessments" project. The project is directly associated with the USGS Energy Resources Program (ERP) and the Eastern Energy Resources Science Center (EERSC).


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