April 14, 2021 CDI Monthly Meeting

Release Date:

The April 2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting will feature presentations on moving towards EarthMap with the linkage of land use, water use, runoff, and recharge models, and a "fire-aware" stream gage network that integrates USGS enterprise databases.

Join us at our monthly meeting on April 14, 2021 from 11:00am - 12:30pm Eastern Time.   

The topics and speakers are:  

Moving towards EarthMAP: Establishing linkages among USGS land use, water use, runoff, and recharge models - Terry Sohl, USGS

Developing a "fire-aware" stream gage network by integrating USGS enterprise databases - Kitty Kolb, USGS

Find more information, including how to join, on the meeting wiki page.