Astrogeology Finding New Ways to Connect With the Community

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Despite a short notice to invite the public to the Astrogeology Science Center Watch Party on January 23, local people came to watch Dr. Justin Hagerty deliver a lecture from the Menlo Park Conference Center in California.


Railyn increases public functions at Astrogeology

Railyn Stokes, Management Analyst

“This is the first time we have had an Astrogeology Watch Party," said Railyn Stokes, Astrogeology Management Analyst and the Watch Party hostess. “I plan to organize more events that bring USGS colleagues and community members together on a more regular basis, so stay tuned!” 

Dr. Justin Hagerty gives lecture in Menlo

Dr. Justin Hagerty, Director

Watch Party enthusiasts heard Dr. Hagerty's lecture on the USGS Rise in Space Exploration: How the Astrogeology Science Center, where he serves as Director, is integral to the past, present, and future investigation of the Solar System. He gave a historical account of how the astronauts were trained locally at USGS, and how the next generation of astronauts are being trained now, as well as educating the public on the cutting-edge research going on at the Center related to the major planetary bodies in the Solar System, and more.

Scanning the local participants, there were a lot of nods, smiles, and applause. Dr. Hagerty was asked questions from the California audience, not surprisingly, mostly pertaining to the Moon.

The lecture was part of the USGS Evening Public Lecture Series intended for a general public audience, which made the Watch Party ideal. Speakers are encouraged to describe the subject matter being discussed thoroughly, and to identify any words or phrases that may be foreign to those who have no context or understanding of the material being presented.

The outreach effort was two-fold from Dr. Hagerty and Stokes. Over 600 people have viewed Dr. Hagerty’s lecture, and growing, in just a few days. View it here!