Bay Program’s 2017-18 Bay Barometer shows Chesapeake’s resilience

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Bay Journal — by Rachel Felver — April 9, 2019

"Pick up any article about the health of the Chesapeake these days and you are sure to see the term “resilient.” It’s become the trendy way of saying that despite pollution continuing to run off into the Bay and extreme weather events, the Bay is thriving.

From record acreage of underwater grasses to an unprecedented effort to restore oysters, experts are cautiously optimistic that the Chesapeake is bouncing back. The Bay Program’s 2017-18 Bay Barometer provides the science and data to back up this sentiment.

The Barometer is the Bay Program’s annual report on environmental health and restoration in the 64,000-square-mile watershed. Containing the most up-to-date data and information from the program’s many partners, it is a science-based snapshot that presents the whole picture about the region’s health — from the blue crabs in tidal waters to the brook trout in freshwater streams to the progress being made in training the next generation in environmental literacy. . ."

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