California Water Science Center Hydrologist Receives Award for Intervention Training

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California Water Science Center Hydrologist, Alexandra (Alex) Etheridge will receive an excellence in leadership award at this year’s USGS Honor Awards Ceremony, to be held on May 7, 2019. The award is in recognition of Ms. Etheridge’s work in helping to initiate bystander intervention training for scientific workplaces. To date, over 600 USGS employees have received training.

Alexandra Etheridge

California Water Science Center Hydrologist, Alexandra (Alex) Etheridge

Reports of workplace harassment have become common in the news. The science community is no exception. USGS leadership recognizes that harassment in and around our scientific community is a serious problem and is taking steps to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, such behavior. One of the most successful ways to reduce harassment is “bystander intervention." Bystander intervention is a framework intended to reduce victims’ burden of protecting themselves from harassment and shift the burden to the community.

This year's excellence in leadership award is a group nomination for Ms. Etheridge and Dr. Moses Milazzo of the Astrogeology Science Center in Arizona. Together, they piloted the USGS "StepUp! Employee Empowerment Strategies" (SEES) program. To date, bystander intervention training has been provided at national science events and institutes, such as the USGS Regional Data Workshop, American Geophysical Union fall meeting, NASA, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.