Cassandra Ladino Receives the 2017 CDI Leadership and Innovation Award

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The USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI) honored Cassandra Ladino with the 2017 CDI Leadership and Innovation Award.

This article is part of the June-July 2017 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.

A woman stands between 2 men, holding a blue glass award in a conference room

From left to right: Associate Director for Core Science Systems Kevin Gallagher, Physical Scientist Cassandra Ladino, and Chief, Office of Enterprise Information/Associate Chief Information Officer Tim Quinn. Photo credit: Daniel Wieferich, USGS. 

The USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI) honored Cassandra Ladino with the 2017 CDI Leadership and Innovation Award. Cassandra works at the USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center where she is responsible for a number of activities. She is a project manager, a GIS and web development specialist, a data manager, and either a Chair or co-Chair of a number of work groups. In FY17 she has been on detail to the Office of Enterprise Information where she has taken the lead on public-access and open-data activities. Cassandra excels at bringing people together and getting them excited about learning and collaborating. Her creativity and enthusiasm have helped to advance many of the goals of the Community for Data Integration.Cassandra has been involved with CDI for over six years and has made a number of significant contributions. She joined CDI because she knew data integration and management were essential to improving the efficiency of her work as an open-source web-application developer. In 2011 Cassandra joined a team of other CDI members to develop the USGS Science Data Lifecycle, now considered a cornerstone of data management at the USGS and beyond. Cassandra is always willing to jump in and participate in discussions and suggest resources, whether in person, during conference calls, or on the CDI forum. She is truly invested in spreading the word about tools and resources to help USGS scientists improve their work.

Recently, Cassandra has stepped into a larger leadership role in CDI. In 2016 Cassandra led a number of focus groups, which developed a data management strategy template and other tools to improve USGS data management planning practices. In 2017, she stepped up to co-lead the Data Management Working Group, and she has joined the CDI coordinators group to help guide CDI activities. Finally, Cassandra recently initiated the innovative Open-Source Coffee Talks, an innovative forum for web developers and communications specialists who are exploring new open-source technologies to improve the distribution of USGS scientific information on the web. 

Cassandra truly exemplifies the spirit of a CDI member—contributing time, energy, and passion to solve shared challenges across the USGS.