CBS This Morning features USGS scientists studying link between earthquake faults near San Francisco, California

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Screenshot from a television news interview of a woman who is talking and gesturing with her hands.

Screenshot of Janet Watt from CBS This Morning news segment.

A camera crew from CBS This Morning visited the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center on November 10, 2016, to interview Janet Watt about her discovery of a connection between the Hayward and Rodgers Creek faults, two of the most hazardous earthquake faults in California’s San Francisco Bay area. In addition to a sit-down interview, they filmed Watt and her team—Mary McGann, Katie Maier, and Tom Lorenson—processing sediment cores collected along the fault beneath San Pablo Bay. CBS News correspondent Mireya Villareal asked about what led to the discovery, what it means for Bay Area earthquake hazards, and how the team plans to use microfossils from the cores to date movement on the newly discovered fault strand.

View the segment, which aired November 18.

View b-roll video of USGS scientists and technicians working to collect samples from San Pablo Bay, California.

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Contacts: Janet Watt
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October 19, 2016

B-roll Sampling and Coring in San Pablo Bay

All clips show the deck of a barge in San Pablo Bay, California.

  • Clip 1 - USGS technicians lower and raise a grab sampler
  • Clips 2, 3, 4 - USGS technicians lower and raise a vibracore
  • Clip 5 - Tanker passes as USGS technicians work on anchor lines
  • Clip 6 - USGS technicians raise anchor, while another works on a vibracore tube