Climate Projections for Southeast Alaska

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Alaska CASC-supported research develops high-resolution, local scale climate projections for Southeast Alaska. 

Gulkana River in Alaska taken by Jeremy Matlock of BLM

Gulkana River in Alaska. (Public domain.)

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Southeast Alaska is a region of complex topography, with extensive coastlines, islands, and mountain ranges. These characteristics, combined with the area’s relative lack of historical weather data, make it challenging to accurately model the region’s climate. In conjunction with state and federal partners, researchers with the Alaska CASC recently released the first high-resolution climate projections for Southeast Alaska, projecting future climate conditions from 2031-2060 at 4km spatial resolution. The models were developed using three global climate models and are based on high future emissions scenarios. 

The resulting models are summarized into 15 searchable, online climate maps showing historical and projected average annual temperature, snowfall, and precipitation for the region. These maps can be used to inform resource managers’ understanding of changing environmental characteristics and support their decision-making processes.

These climate projections were developed as part of the Alaska CASC funded project Projecting Future Streamflow in Southeast Alaska

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