Employee Shoutout: Gary Wedemeyer

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The USGS would like to recognize Dr. Gary Wedemeyer, Scientist Emeritus at the USGS Western Fisheries Research Center (WFRC) in Seattle, Washington, for being honored with the 2020 Dallas Peck Outstanding Scientist Emeritus Award. 

Scientist Emeritus Gary Wedemeyer

Scientist Emeritus Gary Wedemeyer (public domain)

Dallas Lynn Peck was a volcanologist who served as USGS Director from 1981-1993. As the USGS Scientist Emeritus Program was established during his tenure, The Dallas Peck Award recognizes significant contributions and exemplary service to the USGS mission by a Scientist Emeritus. 

Gary is an expert in fish stress physiology and fish health, and his work is recognized internationally. During his 30+ years of service as a research biologist in the Federal Government, he authored more than 100 publications, many of which were seminal in his scientific field. To date, Gary has served as an emeritus scientist for more than 20 years, assisting the WFRC in science outreach efforts and co-authoring the history of the Western Fisheries Research Center. He assumed senior editorship of the second edition of “Fish and Hatchery Management,” a widely used reference and textbook for fish culturists worldwide published by the American Fisheries Society (AFS), and worked on a second edition of “Physiology of Fish in Intensive Culture Systems,” a standard reference for fish biologists and aquaculturists. In 2013, Gary was inducted to the Fish Culture Section of the AFS National Fish Culture Hall of Fame for “providing a greater understanding of the hatchery rearing environment and its effects on the initiation of fish diseases.” 

Gary’s worldwide scientific impact, stature, and great willingness to assist others has made him an exemplary candidate for this year’s Dallas Peck Outstanding Scientist Emeritus Award. 

The Dallas Peck Award will be presented at the annual Honor Awards Ceremony at the USGS Headquarters in Reston, VA.