Employee Spotlight: Antonio Celis-Murillo Represents the BBL at EBBA

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Antonio Celis-Murillo, Ph.D., travels to Rochester, NY to Present Bird Banding Laboratory Updates at the Eastern Bird Banding Association conference.

Antonio Celis-Murrillo poses for the camera, while holding his binoculars at his chest.

Antonio Celis-Murrillo poses for the camera, while holding his binoculars at his chest. (Public domain.)

Antonio (Tony) Celis-Murillo, Ph.D., a biologist at the Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) at USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC), presented updates from the BBL at the Eastern Bird Banding Association’s (EBBA) 96th annual meeting in Rochester, NY on April 12-14, 2019. His presentation “What’s new at the BBL? Preparing for the next century of bird banding” discussed how the BBL is going through major revisions to its operations and database system to better serve the needs of contemporary bird banders and users of bird banding data. Tony also spoke about his work in the Gulf of Mexico where he integrates banding and local-scale telemetry data to examine bird behavior at stopover sites. Participating at EBBA meetings strengthens the BBL’s working relationship with dedicated bird banders, informing partners about upcoming changes in the BBL’s protocols and data management practices, and provides an opportunity to learn from engaged banders about their needs.

Tony has been a biologist at the BBL since January 2017. He works with the BBL team to strengthen the data management system for bird banding data, provide technical assistant to bird banders, support research projects that use banding data, and coordinate efforts in North America and the Western Hemisphere.  Antonio also works with specific banding data sets to examine bird population patterns, including bird migration, movements, population dynamics and survival rates for species of concern. For more about Tony visit his profile.