EROS Offers Research Fellowship Opportunity

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The U.S. Geological Survey Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center is offering a fellowship opportunity for the research and development of innovative land change science techniques and applications.

To support our core mission of understanding a changing Earth, USGS EROS has initiated the Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP) project, which is generating annual Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) and land change information, as well as assessments of those changes on environmental systems.

The goals of LCMAP land cover mapping and land change monitoring are to create a suite of annual land cover and land change maps and statistics, provide a capability to detect and characterize historical land change at any point from the 1985-present Landsat record, and to enable the detection of land change in near real time. The initial techniques for producing integrated land change and land cover data in LCMAP are based on the Continuous Change Detection and Classification (CCDC) algorithm.

We expect this research fellowship opportunity to address our focus on further development and improvement of the current change detection algorithm and novel applications for results. Geographically, initial research should focus on the United States.

Duty Station: USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center, Sioux Falls, SD.

Areas of Ph.D.: Remote sensing, geography, and ecology (candidates holding a Ph.D. in other disciplines but with knowledge and skills relevant to this Research Opportunity may be considered).

Application deadline is June 15, 2020.

Further information about research opportunity S46 is available by following this link or by contacting research advisors Jesslyn Brown (605-594-6003, or Kristi Sayler (ph: 605-594-6058,

To learn about the application process and other research opportunities through the USGS Mendenhall Fellowship Research program, visit this link.