Five New Stream Gages for the City of Raleigh, NC

Release Date:

Raleigh Field Office Chief Doug Walters and staff members Mason Manis, Adam Gray and James Stonecypher were videoed by the Raleigh Television Network.

The USGS, in partnership with the City of Raleigh, completed installation of four discharge, one stage-only streamgages and a webcam in the Walnut Creek watershed in the southern part of the city. These five gages were installed in a two-week period. The purpose of the streamgages are to provide city officials, emergency managers and the public data for notification of potential flooding throughout the watershed. The final streamgage, Walnut Creek at South State Street, was installed on August 14. Personnel from the City of Raleigh, Office of Communication, were on site to video the installation conducted by USGS personnel. This video footage, along with interviews from city personnel, was posted to the city’s Twitter account and will be broadcast on the Raleigh Television Network. The purpose of the broadcast is to inform interested parties of the collaboration between the City of Raleigh and the USGS and how tax dollars are being used to collect important hydrologic data to inform the public of potential flood hazards to protect life and property.

Links to the new gages:
Walnut Creek at Buck Jones
Lake Johnson Dam
Walnut Creek at Trailwood
Walnut Creek at Wilmington
Walnut Creek at State Street