Florence Bascom Geoscience Center Seminar Series - May 15, 2019

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Please join us for a guest presentation on Wednesday, May 15th. Dr. Andrews will have some time available for related discussions both before and after the presentation.


"Transitioning from 2D databases to integrated 3D at the Kentucky Geological Survey"

Dr. William (Drew) M. Andrews
Head, Geologic Mapping Section
Kentucky Geological Survey

"Data integration and three-dimensional data are key elements of the recently implemented Kentucky Geological Survey strategic plan (May 2017). A team of KGS geologists and data managers have begun to develop data structures and inventories of available 3D-ready datasets as a rst step to compiling an integrated three-dimensional database of Kentucky geological information. The ultimate goal of the program will be to integrate numerous isolated or independent existing KGS databases into a spatially referenced whole to facilitate holistic data discovery and more robust modeling results. Ideally, data structures will be designed to be compatible with other state and province geological surveys actively producing 3D data, so that future data could be contributed to a common database when the opportunity arises. Concepts from the GEMS geologic map data model such as uncertainty and feature-level metadata will also be key elements of the resulting database. KGS will be compiling information from existing geologic map data (contact elevations, structure contour maps, detailed fault locations), data from physical rock core and cuttings samples, road cut information, as well as water well logs, petroleum well records, a database of inferred stratigraphic tops, borehole and prole geophysics, and available hydrologic and geochemistry data. The program will deliberately record, evaluate, and report estimations of uncertainty. Sources of information for empirical determinations of uncertainty will be multiple generations of interpreted surfaces, stratigraphic picks by multiple operators over the years, and quantication of variability in road cuts and clusters of closely-spaced subsurface data. Inevitably multiple software packages will be used in the project, but a goal of the project is for the database to be as software-independent as possible and will be designed to be exportable/importable between dierent software platforms. Independent users should be able to access the data regardless of which software they do or do not own. Data and products will be served on the KGS website with tools for audiences to use or interrogate the data without owning expensive software. Export options will be available for those who do wish to use sophisticated 3D software platforms for their own research models."

Date: 11:00 AM ET, Wednesday, May 15, 2019

GS Talk: https://gstalk.usgs.gov/52829583

Phone: 703-648-4848 Code:52829583

Contact David Weary dweary@usgs.gov if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Andrews.