FRESC Ecologist Awarded Meritorious Service Award

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Justin Welty, the project coordinator for the Land Treatment Exploration Tool, received the Meritorious Service Award of the Department of the Interior on March 21, 2019.

The Exploration Tool was highlighted as one of the important scientific contributions Justin has made to DOI as it provides a decision support tool that spans multiple DOI agencies. The U.S. Geological Survey partnered with the Bureau of Land Management to create the Land Treatment Exploration Tool to facilitate adaptive management of land treatments. The Exploration Tool taps into a wealth of information about past treatments in the Land Treatment Digital Library (LTDL,

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Date published: September 20, 2017
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Land Treatment Digital Library

The LTDL was created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to catalog information about land treatments on Federal lands in the western United States for all interested parties. The flexible framework of the library allows for the storage of a wide variety of data in different formats. The LTDL currently stores previously established land treatments or what often are called legacy data. The...

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Date published: May 3, 2018

Land Treatment Exploration Tool

The Land Treatment Exploration Tool is designed for resource managers to use when planning land treatments. The tool provides useful summaries of environmental characteristics of planned treatment areas and facilitates adaptive management practices by comparing those characteristics to other similar treatments within a specified distance or area of interest. ...

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Date published: October 13, 2018

USGS Land Treatment Tools Win Best Analysis Award

The Land Treatment Digital Library (LTDL) and Land Treatment Exploration Tool won the Best Analysis award at the NW GIS User Group Conference in Boise, ID on October 13, 2018.