Geomorphological Features of North Carolina Dataset Released

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Three statewide datasets were compiled to provide information on geomorphological features in North Carolina. Datasets include state-wide coverages of geomorphon common forms, landscape openness, and slope area index. Datasets were generated from light detection and ranging (lidar) derived digital elevation models at 10 ft. or 30 ft. resolution.

North Carolina geomorphological features

North Carolina geomorphological features

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Geomorphology is commonly a missing element in many Earth-surface process models, thus it is essential to extract this missing information from available digital elevation models (DEMs) and use it to inform models and better understand the area of interest. For these three datasets, information was extracted and post processed from lidar derived DEMs at 10 ft. and 30 ft. resolution. Datasets are currently used for the project SPARROW Modeling for North Carolina Watersheds, but have the potential to be used in numerous applications. Slope area index (SAI), the ten most common geomorphons (i.e. geomorphologic feature), and topographic openness are included in this data release and can be utilized based on user needs.

Rowley, T.H., Hopkins, K.G., and Terziotti, S., 2018, Geomorphological Features of North Carolina: U.S. Geological Survey data release,