GLSC attends NY Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting

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The national meeting will happen in late September.

Scientists, biological science technicians, and contractors from GLSC gave presentations and posters at the New York Chapter American Fisheries Society Meeting on February 7-8, 2019 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Authors from GLSC are highlighted in bold text.

  • Dittman, D.E. and M. A. Chalupnicki.  “Status and Seasonal Habitat Use by Lake Sturgeon in the Seneca River, New York.”
  • Konrad, C. K., D. E. Dittman, C. M. Roth, M. A. Chalupnicki, and C. X. Schermerhorn “Juvenile Lake Sturgeon and Round Goby Diet in the Northern end of Cayuga Lake”
  • C. X. Schermerhorn, M. A. Chalupnicki, D. E. Dittman, C. K. Konrad “Effectiveness of Thiamine Treatment and Feeding Trials on Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Survival and Growth.”
  • Lloyd, Clara, Celia Evans, Robin DeBruyne, Andrew Briggs, Jan-Michael Hessenauer, Todd Wills, and Edward Roseman. “Distribution and Abundance of Larval Yellow Perch in Lake St. Clair and Adjoining Waters.” Poster. Lloyd, a USGS student services contractor senior at Paul Smith's College in New York who worked on Lake St. Clair last year, presented her senior thesis research via the poster.
  • Weidel, B.C., M. Connerton, J. Hoyle, J. Holden, B.F. Lantry, M. Vinson, M. Chalupnicki. Keeping up with the Coregonines: inference from long term Lake Ontario surveys.
  • O’Malley, B., R. Chamina, J. Stockwell. A remote video camera system to observe behavior, abundance, and predator-prey interactions of deepwater organisms.
  • Brown, T., S. Sethi, L. Rudstam, B.C. Weidel, M. Connerton, J.Holden, M. Chalupnicki, T.Evans, D. Gorsky, C. Karboski, N. Sard. Moving to a lake-wide understanding of early life-history habitat for Lake Ontario Coregonines.
  • Futia, M., M. Connerton, B.C. Weidel, J. Rincard. Can fish have too much fat? Lower thiamine concentrations in salmonines associated with the consumption of fatty alewife Alosa pseudoharengus.
  • Paufve, M.,  S.A. Sethi , B.F. Lantry , M.J. Connerton , J.L. Jonas, D.L. Yule , E.K. Berglund , P. O'Neill , L.G. Rudstam, B.C. Weidel. Spawning habitat and reproductive strategies of Cisco in the Great Lakes
  • Fitzpatrick, K.B., T.O. Brenden , S.R. LaPan, L.G. Rudstam , P.J. Sullivan , B.C. Weidel, S.A. Sethi. Modeling Chinook salmon population dynamics in Lake Ontario.
  • Ross, A., B.C. Weidel, C.T. Solomon. Against the current: stream-run behavior in Cisco (Coregonus artedi).
  • Bianchi, T., J. Rinchard, M. Futia, B.C. Weidel, M. Connerton. Oocyte development of Age 2 alewife in Lake Ontario.

Videos of the presentations are available on YouTube.