GLSC Cladophora Research Featured in Environmental Health News

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Microplastics in Algae

Diver Collecting Cladophora in Lake Michigan

Emily Wimmer (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) collects Cladophora growing at 6m depth in Lake Michigan.

(Credit: Ginger Carter, USGS - GLSC. Public domain.)

Research on Cladophora algae conducted by Meredith Nevers, Murulee Byappanahalli, Mary Anne Evans (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) was recently highlighted in an article about microplastics in Cladophora published in Environmental Health News, Microplastics and algae tangle in the Great Lakes - EHN. The GLSC scientists recently co-authored a paper with Julie Peller, Valparaiso University, that analyzed Cladophora algae samples collected throughout the Great Lakes basin for microplastics and microfibers, Sequestration of microfibers and other microplastics by green algae, Cladophora, in the US Great Lakes - ScienceDirect