Hot Topics at the Poster Social in Buffalo Park

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Employees at USGS take a break from work on June 7, 2019 to take part in a Poster Social at Buffalo Park on a leisurely sunny afternoon. Poster Socials at the park are an excellent way to share research findings and engage with the attendees in a relaxed setting that allows casual feedback, networking with other scholars, or just satisfying inquiring minds on pinned topics.

Poster Social

Elise Rumpf bombarded with questions about her poster on Kilauea. Photo Credit: Tyler Wilson


At USGS, on any day, hundreds of interesting projects are being worked on, and employees are concentrated on their particular tasks; the social event offers a chance to see what others on the campus, as well as other organizations who joined the event,  might be doing.


“We had an exciting and diverse range of science topics which were definitely the center of many scientific discussions,” said Dr. Tim Titus, organizer of the event. “I thank Alton, Wade, Itiya, and Greg, for their assistance in getting the set up done.”


Although this annual event generally occurs in the second week of June, next year it may occur in May. This shift could accommodate and provide more people the chance to connect with others who want to reach out as well as share their research. More good times are ahead for Poster Socials! Stay tuned for the announcement of the 4th annual Poster Social announcement on this web page.