Job Announcement: Research Physical Scientist position

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The Astrogeology Science Center, situated in one of the most beautiful US towns, is seeking candidates for a Research Physical Scientist position, a Tanaka-Greeley Fellowship opportunity. The job closes on July 17, 2019. Apply today! 



Map at the USGS

Astrogeology Science Center:

Planetary geologic maps have been funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and published by the USGS since 1961. The USGS Planetary Geologic Mapping Group at the Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, AZ is critically involved in the scientific and technical aspects of the geologic mapping process in support of NASA programs.

Essential Functions: Candidates must be able to

  • support the coordination, review, and production of NASA-funded planetary geologic mapping projects by both USGS and non-USGS geologists and space scientists, 
  • work closely with USGS scientists, cartographers, and data specialists to develop, establish, and implement best practices and standards, and
  • work both individually and as a team to create original geologic maps of high priority regions of the Moon and Mars in support of USGS and NASA goals.

The ideal candidate will have a background in process geology, geologic mapping processes, planetary datasets, Geographic Information System (GIS) software, and the compilation, review, and publication of peer-reviewed scientific products.

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