Landsat Collection 2 Summary, Sample Metadata Now Available

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With the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) putting the finishing touches on its Landsat Collection 2 product, it’s taking several steps to ensure that the Landsat user community has sufficient time to augment its current Landsat Collection-based data processing flow.

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As work concludes on the Collection 2 product definition structure, production timeline, and public
availability, the USGS has released a high level summary of the Landsat Collection 2 product and is
providing access to Collection 2 Level-1 sample metadata from the Landsat Sample Products web page.
To learn more about the high level summary and the Collection 2-Level 1 sample metadata, visit the Landsat Missions website.

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Landsat Collection 2

In 2019, the USGS intends to finalize the definition, production timeline and public availability of Landsat Collection 2 Level-1 and Level-2 products.