Laura Norman's watershed restoration presentation praised in local news!

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There was a full house at Cady Hall on Saturday, Dec. 17 to hear USGS scientist Laura Norman, PhD, talk about our water, the liquid gold of the Patagonia watershed. Her presentation was sponsored by the Friends of Sonoita Creek (FOS).

Patagonia Regional Times
Patagonia Regional Times(Credit: Patagonia Regional Times. Public domain.)
Laura Norman, USGS scientist, presenting
Laura Norman, USGS scientist, presenting her research on watershed management.(Credit: Lynn Davison, Patagonia Regional Times (PRT). Public domain.)

Dr. Norman has been working in the Patagonia area for over 20 years and knows a lot about our watershed. She uses models that rely on topography (the 3D surface of the land), soil characteristics (the proportions of rock, sand, clay), land cover and use (the presence of trees and other vegetation and built structures, roads, and parking lots), and meteorological information (temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind) to predict surface water flows and other characteristics.

David Seibert, Director of Borderlands Restoration, says “Norman’s work is particularly helpful in organizing multiple variables to determine specific locations where restoration activities might be the most beneficial for a variety of goals, like habitat improvement, groundwater
recharge, flood control, holding native seeds and plants, mitigatng the effects of surface disturbances, and others.”

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