Mapping Challenge Update (01/16/2020): City / Town Hall Structures in UT, NM, & AZ

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Calling all Peer Reviewers and Advanced Editors! This challenge is SO CLOSE to being finished!! 

As you can see from the map below, we are nearing completion for this challenge.  Utah still has several green points that our Peer Reviewers and Advanced Editors can help us confirm. 

We also performed a quick spatial analysis to see how many points still need to be collected.  The results of this are displayed below with the labels representing incorporated places that do not have a point within their boundaries.  It is possible that some of these have already been collected but their city/town hall is located just outside of their jurisdictional boundary. Communities fitting this scenario would still be highlighted by this analysis because the software does not register a point as falling within their boundary.  Therefore, when researching these communties, it is important to check that a point has not already been collected before adding it to the map. 

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in AZ, NM and UT w/ Incorporated Places

(Public domain.)

We're working on getting our Interactive Web Map up and running to help locate green points for this challenge.  In the meantime, volunteers can use the filters in the web editor to display "City/Town Halls Only" that are "Edited Only." 

TNMCorps Web Editor: Filters

(Public domain.)

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